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ORTHOGEL Advanced Cold Therapy Pain Relief Gel is a FDA compliant nonprescription drug in the class referred to as topical analegesics. Topical analgesics are used for the temporary releif of pain. Orthogel is only available at health care offices and has a variety of complementary ingredients.

ORTHOGEL Advanced Cold Therapy Pain Relief gel is greaseless, stainless and contains no lingering odor. The affects are deep penetrating and long lastng.

ORTHOGEL contains: ILEX, Menthol, Camphor, OptiMSM, PUREFLEX Glucosamine, WOKVEL Boswellia Serrata, Curcumin, Aloe and Vitamin E.

ILEX is extracted from a holly shrub grown in South America and has been used by the Paraguay Indians to enhance the effects of their medicines for centuries. These superior materials are all utilized to manufacture a high quality topical analgesic pain relief product in a FDA approved facility.

Orthogel is currently available in a 3oz roll-on which makes it convenient for application, even by arthritic hands.

Visit the Orthogel website.

  • Date: November 21, 2013

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